Hilary Term 2015


Wednesday, 18 February (fifth week): Dr Michael O’Connor (University of Toronto) Logocentrism and church music: early modern thought and contemporary practice

At the special time of 3 pm in Seminar Room A, Worcester College.

Questions and wine will follow the speaker’s paper.

The Music and Theology Seminar is convened by Jonathan Arnold (Faculty of Theology / Worcester College) and Matthew Salisbury (Faculty of Music / University College)

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Manifesto of the Seminar

·     That music and theology need not be viewed in isolation and that there is much to gain from the conversation between the two disciplines

Themes may include

·     composition, from plainchant and Renaissance to contemporary; a focus on any one composer or group of composers; relationship of music and text; theological musicology

·     liturgy and worship, such as music and emotions in worship; music and (or as) preaching; the Holy Spirit in musical worship; music in the Bible; instruments in worship; the relationship between secular and sacred

·     the broad subject of Theology and the Arts, including apologetics, metaphor, faith and the creation of art or theological notions of beauty

·     music as an educational tool: composition and inspiration; theological interpretations of performance; faith and artistic identity